Monday, February 7, 2011

talk by Peter Zoller

Peter is reviewing the different schemes for coupling of mechanical oscillators to optical fields and specifically on two topics:

1 - optomechanical transducer for quantum communication, as a way to couple/interface atomic/solid state nodes- in which local computing is done- and transfer them to each other. The implementation of already stationary qubit transfer to other nodes (flying qubit) can be done with --- stay tuned, the webcast audio is being fixed! --- Cascading quantum systems transform to the interaction picture, where there's now a quantum noise term, describing collective decay (Linblad master equation for qubit). There's a unidirectional term in H which describes the emitted photon transfer to the other atom/node.

more on Peter's talk ...

2 - free-space interactions with atoms (in optical lattices). The idea of coupling a cryo-oscillator to an OL under UHV. The backaction of the quantum oscillation of the mirror on the motion of atoms in OL leads to jitter of the optical field and gets a quantum noise. More like the cascading quantum system- a quantum stochastic Schroedinger equation with time delay, which describes the unbalanced atomic motion in the laser field, coupled to the mirror which introduces a phase.

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